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Harmful Prayer Ministry

TPM is known to harm clients and families.  Regardless of the theological claims the counseling techniques used are well known by researchers to create false memories.  Often the vulnerable client and the falsely accused family member(s) remain remain silent out of shame and fear and the harm of this approach continues to spread.  This suppresses data collection on validity as it has on traditional psychoanalytic techniques abandoned by psychiatrists decades ago in favor of physiological explanations with great success.  TPM is a throwback to earlier errant memory techniques according to secular experts in psychology.  TPM is also known by formally trained bible scholars to use errant theological interpretations (listed below).  

Theophostic Psychology
The author of Theophostic declares the highly controversial "repressed memories" (also known as pseudo memories) are a "fact"  He also admits that the memories are unreliable and often not historically accurate but he still claims they are "a fact".  Experts on such memories disagree.  (2015)

Review of Healing Life's Hurts
Dr. Burgess reviews book by leader of TPM that describes Theophostic Prayer. (2015)

Lying Spirits (free online book)
A journalist investigates and finds profound errors in promises, methods and results. " "The mystical, experiential nature...opens a wide umbrella under which a a lot of...conclusions can occur.  These conclusions can motivate followers to suspend rational logic and believe the unbelievable". (archived,2005)

Evangelical Free Church Warns Against TPM
"Since virtually every religion, philosophy, medicine (real or quack), counseling method, and psychic reader in history boast testimonies of those marvelously helped, we must avoid the lure of anecdotal evidence as our primary means for establishing what is true." (Archived, 2001)

Cult Education Institute Speaks Out on TPM
The prayer ministry Smith said..."is actually like a runaway train. We're currently in all 50 states. Probably, in the next three to five years, we'll focus very heavily on the international market." One of the books listed on the Theophostic Web site is "Keeping Your Ministry Out of Court." Mark Pendergrast, author numerous books on false memories produced by  counseling that creates them says "God moves in mysterious ways, all right, but history should have taught us to beware of such false prophets, particularly when they have dollar signs in their eyes. (Archived, 2003)

Theophostic Counseling: Divine or What?
Dr. Gary briefly cites major philosophical and methodological errors in TPM (1999)

Inner Healing Deception
Website dedicated to revealing deceptive practices examines "Theophostic Prayer Ministry" and finds ample proof of deception. Easy to read version here.

Theophostic Prayer Ministry Review
Excellent treatment of how Theophostic Prayer Ministry misuses scripture, psychology and mysticism for profit.

Theophostic Theology (online scriptural use review)
Christian theological analysis finds major errors in biblical quotes used by TPM.

Theophostic Counseling Divine Revelation or PsychoHeresy? (online book)
Thorough analysis by two degreed psychologists who now review counseling programs that combine harmful psychological techniques with religious faith.

Facts and Comments by Experts
The "Theophostic Prayer Ministry" author claims repressed memory is a "fact". This "fact" is examined and then commented on by the world's leading experts.

Discussion about Harmful Prayer Ministries
Ministry of scriptural discernment examines harmful prayer ministries based on "inner healing" and recovered memory movement of the 1980-90's

Theophostic Representative Responds to Negative Postings
In response to posting a link to this website a Theophostic representative responded.  The author failed to answer if he also thinks repressed memories of previous lives (as a human or animal) or repressed memories of alien abduction experiences are also a fact.  The exchange is captured for your review.

Conclusion of extensive Examination and Study:
     "Although quick and permanent results are promised by this (TPM) approach, it also holds the potential for irreparable damage to relationships and families by the unearthing of allegedly buried memories of the past sins of others. All that glitters is not gold, and all that claims to be "light" is not necessarily God's light. The theophostic approach does not withstand scrutiny under the searchlight of God's eternal Word."
Note: Previous program titles included
Theophostic Prayer Ministry,  Transformational Prayer Ministry and may have others to insure maximum market share.

     Our adult child in postpartum depression and medicated with antidepressants sought help while living 2000 miles away. Someone helped her using "Repressed Memory Therapy" (or some variant of recovered memory therapy like the now debunked  TheoPhostic Prayer Ministry) either through a therapist or friends using "do it yourself therapy books". She became one of hundreds of thousands victimized by a method well known to produce false or pseudo memories (American Psychological Association).   Those medicated and entranced, as our daughter was, often have the most detailed and horrid fantasies mistaken for memories. It will take incredible emotional strength, a mind cleared of medication, fully functioning intellect, immense humility and great courage for our daughter to return.  Many such victims never do but we remain steadfast in our hope.     In spite of the bizarre and false accusations we love our daughter and her family. A father still hopes. A mother still pleads. Her sister still remembers. We will never give up on reconciliation.


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