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Psychological researchers have never been able to obtain a replicated, validated or verified "repressed memory" since being speculated a century ago. There are many extensively researched books as well as quality videos and documentaries about the creation and impact of these pseudo memories. Renowned experts in memory conclude that "repressed memory" is actually a cultural myth because it persists as a belief in spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

Data from the State of Washington Crime Victim Support Funds 
(from pg 107 of "Seconds Thoughts")

It is now well established that memories are fallible and vulnerable to formation through suggestion.  False memories are much more common than is popularly accepted.  (Archive 2019)

"Frozen" and "trauma induced fragmentation" are the new "buzzwords" for psuedomemories that confirm false accusations. (Archive 2017)

Experts agree that False Memories Difficult to Distinguish from Real Memories
Psychologists agree that false memories exist and can be created by unintentionally counselors, therapists, friends and even the media.  The article concludes that great care must be taken in assuming such articulated memories are factual of a product of a memory plasticity. (Archive 2017).

Memory Researcher given Prestigious Award for Courage
Dr. Elizabeth Loftus faced emotional confrontations, multiple threats to her life, attempts to expel her from her profession, harassing criminal charges and lawsuits ruled as frivolous in her fight against false memories and false accusations. Her books experiments, research, expert testimonies have kept thousands of innocents out of prison. She won a well deserved international award for courage for "standing up to bullies". (Archive 2016).

Weight Loss Therapy Creates False Memories of Abuse
Today our medical and insurance system still has therapy, paid for by insurance, that generates horrid false memories. Once horrid memories are articulated the person is said to be "cured" but the accused often help the accuser find the truth. Civil judgments result. Insurance settlements against such clinics using bogus memory based treatments often require "non-disclosure" (in exchange for a larger payout). This tactic protects institutions like "Castlewood Treatment Center" from more disparaging public disclosures. (Archive 2015).

Brainwashed by Therapists to Believe Parents Abused Them
The therapy is intensive and often the patient is placed in a trance-like state as they are encouraged to “remember".  This is when false childhood memories spring up. The therapists encouraging these “memories” genuinely believe they are helping and, being in a position of authority, are able to convince clients that these visions really did happen when they never did. (Archived, 2014)

Recovered Memory Completely Unacceptable
Science Based Medicine online magazine states: "Recovered memory therapy is still ongoing today, which is completely unacceptable. Even if you wish to adhere to the minority opinion among memory experts that repressed memory is possible, the evidence does not justify putting it into practice. The potential for harm is more than sufficient to suspend the practice pending further evidence". (Archived, 2014)

Recovered Memory Psychiatrist Implicated in Wrongful Death
Recovered memory therapy and medication created bizarre memories, nurtured mental health decline leading to wrongful death (Archive 2014).

Celebrity Retracts Accusations 14 years Later
Television celebrity accuses parents of childhood sexual abuse based on false memories obtained while medicated, depressed and in therapy. Over a decade later the same celebrity says "It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done” (2014).

Academic Research on Repressed Memories Retracted by Authors:
Major study by advocate for repressed memories retracts research paper in dispute over data integrity. Data sources depicted were found not to exist as verifiable public records. Paper was cited 10 times prior to retraction in (Archive 2013).

Prestigious Committee Members Resign DSM 5 Personality Work Group
"A small group of cloistered DSM 5 "experts" stubbornly ignoring the sharp criticism from within their own group and the near universal rejection of their proposals by everyone else in the field. Drs Verheul and Livesley have performed a service in trying to stop this runaway train and in now explaining how it went off the tracks." The result is a largely unchanged widely rejected description of "personality disorders" in the DSM_5. Clinical psychologists cling to past understandings. (Archive 2012).

Court Rejects Repressed Memory as Junk Science
The Minnesota supreme court rejected the use of "repressed memories" in a case and identified submitted research supporting the memories as "junk science". (Archive 2012).

Summary Research Debunks Repressed Memories
Extensive research tested hypotheses inspired by both the "repressed memory" and "false memory" perspectives on recovered memories of CSA. Some evidence for the false memory perspective was found, but no evidence for the supported the repressed memory perspective. (2012)

Insurance funds Weight Loss Program using Repressed Memories
Eating disorder clinic nurtures false memories of abuse using insurance money to help with weight loss. Now faces lawsuits over malpractice (2011).

Federal Court orders ALL Repressed Memory Cases Reversed:
Ruling of 2nd Federal Circuit Court ends litigation relying in any way on "repressed memories" (or the methods known to produce pseudo memories). All plea bargains ordered to be reviewed. All prisoners using repressed memories ordered o be released (2011).

Memory Recovery Led Witch Hunt
A juror describes a criminal case as "a witch hunt" in the state of Washington that continued for years. 43 "Deniers" jailed, 5 convicted and imprisoned. Parents promised to have custody of their children at plea bargain lost custody after agreeing to plea. All accused eventually found innocent. Some found innocent and released after 8 years of prison (1998). Numerous civil proceedings settled against the state (2005). Civil proceedings against the state continue decades later by the children taken from their homes (2011). 

Feminist Blog Debunks Memory Therapy
The blog addresses the long debunked repressed memory craze with quoted from the "Council Against Health Fraud" and a variety of sources that have research the memory base therapies.  She reveals that the former "expert" in "repressed memories of abuse" is now a poetry teacher a Pacific University.  (Archived 2008)

Professional Researcher debunks myths about trauma and memory:
Harvard psychology researcher researches claims of those who believe in repressed memory and finds no empirical support. Published in Canadian Journal of Psychology (2005).

Extensive Peer Reviewed Study Finds No Repressed Memories
Team of researchers from Stanford, University of California and Oxford (England) fail to find a "single repressed memory" of childhood sexual abuse when 217 confirmed child sex abuse victims were interviewed years later (as adults) in largest followup study ever performed. Increased trauma increased the likelihood of memory which is in complete opposition to the assertions of those who maintain repression and amnesia of childhood sexual abuse. (2003)

Famous Repressed Memory Case Found to be Fraud
University of Washington Researcher investigates widely publicized "repressed memory" case. Discovers claims by victim to be fraudulent. Researcher is then investigated for violating privacy, then charged with criminal and ethical violations and sued by claimant. Following years of proceedings and investigations the researcher is exonerated of all criminal charges, found innocent by a professional board and civil proceedings were dismissed without award. Dr. Loftus (now with the University of California) is now recognized with numerous awards for courage and integrity in the face of physical threat, professional abandonment and legal harassment (2002).

Pseudoscience and repressed memories to Survive
University of Texas Professor and professional researcher writes about how ideas lacking evidence, like repressed memories, that fail to gain consensus of experts still appeal to the untrained public (2001).

Study of those with "Repressed Memories" who "Retracted"
Survey reveals trends that reveal exploitation of vulnerable clients.

Institute for Psychological Therapies takes Stand
Recovered memory therapy in all forms rejected by experts in therapy.

Author Writes Book on Repressed Memory and Retraction
Years later accuser wished friends would have helped her see the truth rather than helped her believe what she now knows was always false.

Do it yourself Therapy Produces False Memories
Friends help each other "recover memories"?

How to Care for and Preserve False Memories
What steps are needed to preserve pseudo memories?

Association using Repressed Memories Disappears with Assets
Leaders transfer assets to new companies and Florida beach homes to protect assets from lawsuits and judgments won by former clients.

Vivid Memories Developed Using Prescription Drugs
Extremely vivid and convincing memories developed by therapist with use of prescription drugs.

Candy Cane and the Bear
A retractor shares what believing in a false memory was like.

Careful Scientific Review Debunks "Repressed Memory"
Historical or metaphorical truth not supported by myth of repression.

The Most Dangerous Idea in Mental Health
Using imagination to create memories now takes on new names as the idea loses in the courts, in lawsuits and among experts.

Criminal Trial Against Hospital Using Repressed Memories
Insurance fraud cited as reason to stop "recovered memory therapy"

Reform of Mental Health Debunks Recovered Memory Therapy
Repressed Memories debunked and no longer used in legal cases.

Cookbook Recipe for Accusations
Repressed Memories, Sexual abuse and science by a scientist.

Researcher Debunks "Repressed Memory Case" and Wins Legal Case
Scientist charged after uncovering fraudulent claim of repressed memory. Found innocent of all charges. Civil action against researcher dismissed.

Psychiatric Community welcomes Legal Rulings
Repressed memories rejected as evidence in court. Lawsuits against Psychiatrists, therapists, counselors and life coaches pile up.

Well Known Scientist, Author and Feminist Comments
Carol Tavris claims Recovered Memory Therapy harms women.

Study Supporting Repressed Memory Retracted in 2013
Repressed Memory Researchers with "inconsistent" data retract research.

Repressed Memory Expert says "repressed memories" not memories!
David Calof (RMT expert) admits in deposition that "repressed" memories of his clients are not real memories ("but he allows them to characterize them as such").

Repressed Memory Definition Defined
Experts in intellectual fraud weigh in on "repressed memory therapy."

Thoughtful Article on Repressed Memories
Why known legally and scientifically to be all false are still believed?

American Psychological Association on "Repressed Memories"
"Repressed Memories" are controversial & extremely rare if they do occur. "Seek a licensed and insured therapist" for such assistance.

American Medical Association on "Repressed Memories"
“The notion traumatic events can be repressed and later recovered is the most pernicious bit of folklore ever to infect psychology and psychiatry.”

Social Worker Professionals on "Repressed Memories"
Social workers instructed to remain neutral on recovered memory claims. Recovered memories can be accepted as real ONLY with corroboration and external evidence.

Skeptics Dictionary
Unconscious memory repression examined.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists on "Repressed Memories"
Officially has banned members from using therapies designed to recover repressed memories of childhood abuse.

Renowned Researcher Calls "Repressed Memory" a Myth
Once thought there might something to "repressed memories" but after 40 years of study has come to conclusion that it is a truly a myth.

Major studies cited by "Repressed Memory Believers Flawed
Studies often used to support "Repressed Memories" examined and debunked.

Reality of Repressed Memories
Heavily annotated and extensively researched by an expert memory researcher.

Study of Retractors
Retractors reveal multiple sources for pseudo memories

What do Researchers in Traumatic Memory think of Repression?
Informed professionals reveal research informed insights regards traumatic memories.

Why are Accusers called "Victims"?
"This therapy will come to be viewed as the quackery of the 20th century."

False Memories and Confrontation bring Healing?
Does "Recovered Memory Therapy" actually heal?

The Most Dangerous Idea in Mental Health?
"Repressed Memories" is a recurring fad destroying lives even today.

Expert Creates Childhood Memory in 56% of subjects
False Memories of childhood nurtured with suggestions (4 min video)

Fraudulent Therapy in 2016! How is it possible?
"Personal Development Coach" nurtures memories of abuse.

Beth Shares Her Story
Therapy induced tragedy results in large legal settlement.

Celebrity Retracts 14 years Later
"It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life...” Rosanne told Oprah

Famous Repressed Memory Case Found to be a Fake
Details a book and movie depicted as true found to be faked for profit.

Survivor and Writer Speaks Out!
She wishes friends would have helped her see truth rather than helped her believe pseudo memories which she now knows were always false.

Client Retracts, Reconciles with Family and Wins Lawsuit
This case and resulted in a settlement. Victims (client and accused) tell the horror story of this therapy. The counselor still practices. (1993)

First Do No Harm
Therapist was not helping clients improve and saw the devastating impact of the therapy on families with questionable, uncorroborated and unsubstantiated memories. Therapist now undoing damage. (links to similar therapists)

Candy Cane and the Bear
A retractor shares what believing in a false memory was like.

New Weight Loss Therapy Using Repressed Memories in 2014?
Insurance paying for therapy still generating horrid false memories.

Old Weight Loss Therapy?
Recovered memory therapy ends marriage, hurt children and bankrupts.

Where are the "Therapists" Now?
"Recovered memory therapists" discredited and unable to name what they do generate new names with same results.

British Psychiatrist and Wrongful Death
Recovered memory therapy and medication created bizarre memories, nurtured mental health decline and wrongful death.

Do it yourself Therapy?
Friends help each other "recover memories"?

How to Care for and Preserve False Memories
What steps are needed to preserve pseudo memories?

Space Alien Abduction Memories Real?
"Repressed memories" of space alien abduction memories just like real memories.

Memory Recovery Led Witch Hunt
Witch hunt in the state of Washington jails 43 "Deniers", imprisons 5. All found innocent.

Association using Retrieved Memories and Rage Disappears with Assets
National leaders transfer association assets to Florida beach homes to protect assets from lawsuits and judgments won by former clients.

Vivid Memories Developed Using Prescription Drugs
Extremely vivid and convincing memories developed by therapist with use of prescription drugs.

"People do not repress memories of extreme trauma. Further memories are now known to be constructed and malleable...The events widely depicted by many who recovered memories are now known to have never happened."

Grace and I while visiting family in New England.
Well before treatment in 2015.

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