Thursday, December 31, 2015



"Frozen" and "trauma induced fragmentation" new forms that confirm false accusations. (Archive 2017)

"Personal Development Coach" nurtures false memories of abuse and isolates client.

Therapy induced tragedy results in large settlement. Counselor still practices.
"It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life...” Rosanne told Oprah
Details a story, book and movie repeatedly depicted as true found to be faked for personal profit.
She wishes friends would have helped her see truth rather than helped her believe pseudo memories which she now knows were always false.
Therapist was not helping clients improve and saw the devastating impact of the therapy on families with questionable, uncorroborated and unsubstantiated memories. Therapist now undoing damage. (links to similar therapists) 
In 2014 our system still has therapy, paid for by insurance, that generates horrid false memories.
1994 recovered memory therapy generated horrid pseudo memories, destroyed a 23 year marriage, hurt children, devastated finances.
Former  patient reflects on therapy.
Recovered memory therapy and medication created bizarre memories, nurtured mental health decline and wrongful death.
Friends help each other "recover memories"?
What steps are needed to preserve pseudo memories?
"Repressed memories" of space alien  abduction memories just like real memories. 
A witch hunt in the state of Washington continued for years. 43 "Deniers" jailed, 5 imprisoned. All found innocent..

National leaders transfer association assets to Florida beach homes to protect assets from lawsuits and judgments won by former clients.
Extremely vivid and convincing memories developed by therapist
with use of prescription drugs.

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