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...on Repressed, 
     Pseudo & 
     False Memories

The videos below are by experts current in trauma research discuss different types of memories and the challenges that are presented by those memories.

Video Segment:  Dissociative amnesia  [2 min]
    News examples of how "dissociative identity" is linked to false memories. 
Educational: Are Repressed Memories Real? [5 min]
     Explains various reasons for "repressed memories" being accepted as real even if not.
Educational:  Short Cuts and False Memories [20 min]
    An excellent summary of how "recovered memory" and "repressed memory" came to be more fully understood in the early 1990's.
Video Segment:  "Memory Therapy"            [3 min]     
    Brief summary detailing famous false memory cases and how memories are changed.
Video Segment:  "My Lie"                                                      [3 min]  
    Feminist author admits repressed memory was false.            
News Segment:  "Innocent Man Freed"                             [3 min]      
    Eileen Franklin accused her father of murder 20 years after the alleged crime. Prosecutors found to have "helped" her recall by suggesting details she did not know. Other murder accusations found impossible using DNA evidence.
Video Segment:  "The Real Truth I"                                    [8 min]  
Video Segment:  "The Real Truth II"                                  [8 min]          
    British FMS generated videos on "recovered memory therapy".
Video Segment:  "True Victim Remembers"                  [8 min]          
    Elizabeth Smart abducted, kidnapped, raped and abused shares
     trauma that was never "repressed" and actually happened.
Video Segment:  "The Fiction of Memory"                     [17 min]      
    Researcher reviews how trauma alters the accuracy of memory.

WARNING:  The videos below examine and dramatize true stories.  
     These stories and events can be emotionally disturbing and repulsive
      to many of us.  Please view discreetly especially if children are around.

Interview: "Innocent Imprisoned for 9 Years"       [25 min]
    Daughter falsely accuses, jails and convicts father for rape that
    never occurred.  Nine years later daughter admits it was a lie.
    Shame extended the retraction.  Father happily forgives.
    Prosecutor ignored other sister who never believed the story.

Popular Movie based on Fraudulent Story
that Popularized "Memory Based Therapy"
Documentary: "Documented Hysteria"                           [48 min]
    A popular book (1973) and award winning movie (1976, 2007) depicted a case of abuse, repressed memories (RM) and multiple personality disorder (MPD) as a true story.  The movie catapulted repressed memory and multiple personality disorder from less than 3 dozen cases a year to tens of thousands of cases in the 1980's & 90's.
    The story depicted as true was confirmed to be a fraud in 2011. 
News Segment:  "The Sybil Hoax"  (Gallagher)                [9 min]
News Segment:  "The Sybil Hoax"  (NY Times)                [9 min]  
Publisher Expose (Simon & Schuster): Sybil Exposed
Television (ABC) Expose: The Sybil Hoax

"Memory Based Therapy"
Documentary: "Recovered Memory Movement"      [59 min]
      Psychiatrist, client and lawyer examine "recovered memories".
Documentary:  "Divided Memories (3)"                          [33 min]
    "Award winning" documentary on memories generated in clients.
    Repressed Memory Therapist "therapy has nothing to do with reality."

  If you are seeking help for personal struggles and a therapist, counselor or friend says that "recovering childhood memories can help you get better" then IMMEDIATELY get up from your chair (or off the couch), run to the door, open it and flee. Hundreds of thousands have lost families, years of productive living and squandered immense wealth with tragedy inducing therapy that produces horrid false memories, splinters families, isolates the client and is documented to cause decline in mental health.

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