Friday, November 15, 2019

Our Beloved Daughter Prior to Treatment

We have learned so much since June 2015. Our daughter was in postpartum depression, medicated with an antidepressant and was undergoing a form of "recovered memory therapy". We now also know that our family (and all her sisters) suffer from metabolic issues (inherited) that cause highly adverse reactions to the antidepressant (SSRI) she reported taking in facebook post. Horrid and bizarre delusions have since caused estrangement but these pictures help us remember the many good times we had with her prior to her experience and harmful counseling in Walla Walla, Washington. We continue to pray for a miracle and her freedom.
Mother and daughter visiting
 family not long after birth.
Daddy had to keep an eye on her because she loved 
to crawl toward the big waves!
Learning to dance with her older brother.
Brother and sister sing together.
Our youngest child at the time!

She had a fabulous smile!
She is explaining why she likes her new dolls.
Cousins were fun to be with.

Dad is helping her skate for the first time ever.
Her Dad never missed a basketball game
playing for the mighty Mustangs.  She had speed and hustle.
A smile at her First Communion.
 Sharing the faith with family.

A family Christmas picture in 1995.
Sitting in Dad's chair talking with her Uncle.
Happy in December 1996.
Happy at her 10 year old birthday party.

Happy with lunch while white water rafting with family.
Goofy with friends at school.
Brother and sister a winning team.
Crossing a mountain creek in Colorado.
Happy with little sisters making a gingerbread house.
Teenagers at home together!
Visiting miniature Holy Land.
Time with friends.
Family in the Arizona desert together.

 Grace smiling again even though she is quite cold
after a hike to lake almost at the top of Colorado mountain!
Leaving Mexico with her new hat.
Sister visits in newly decorated room!
With sisters, mother and brother while Dad takes a picture!

Good relations with 
Grandparents on both sides of the family.
Enjoying time with siblings!
Here Grace celebrates the graduation of her brother!
Known and loved despite struggles in 2013.

A letter after our last visit to her and her family in 2014.
Camping with family and friends.


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